5 Tips to Ease Separation in a Preschool/Daycare Setting

September 12, 2017

Seperation is the heart of back to school for young learners. For early childhood, it’s a year long process. There are some ways to help families with the process. I have  shared some below.

1.Focus on building Trust in Your Classroom through Separation Process

Before, the school year starts if possible or the first week send out the Get to Know You Survey.

2. Have books on your shelves about separation:

You Go Away by Dorothy Corey
Llama Llama Misses Momma by Anna Dewdney
Owl Babies by Martin Waddel

3. Have the same teacher greeting at the door and others sitting at various parts of the room especially on the floor.

4. Be okay with the crying! Kids won’t bond with both teachers. But they will find comfort in one. So be okay with the tears if the other teacher is not able to always attend to said child needs.

5. Have a schedule up of the day at child eye level.

Be consistent as possible with routine of the day and songs for the next couple of weeks. It’s also wonderful to have picture visual for students who ask, “I want my grown-up.”. You can then show how many activities they have until this occurs.

I would love to hear: What’s your favorite way to ease seperation in your setting? in the comments below.

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