5 Ways to Nurture the Spirit of Giving in Your Little Ones

December 11, 2013

As the debate about the Common Core and Universal Pre-K heats up in the  New York City education airwaves, parents like yourself are thinking on how to set a positive example of mankind this holiday season for their youngsters. I thought it would be helpful to round up some resources and answer some questions that busy parents like yourself have been pondering around this subject.

At what age do kids get involved in giving? The larger answer to this question is any age. However, there is an age appropriate time in which it begins to stick with children and that starts around age 4. This is due to their ability to see the world a bit more expansive than the immediate world that surrounds them daily (family and themselves).

What other ways can we give back as a family beyond the usually ideas such as soup kitchens or donation of coats to New York Cares?

Here is a list of 5 different ways to donate:
1. Volunteer at a Senior Center
2. Plan to do a Charity Walk as a family
3. Buy a family in need a months worth of snacks by buying a  box subscription
4. Train a Guide Dog together as a family
5. Put together a care package for a family in need

How does one make giving a habit? By making giving a lifestyle – by doing it all year long. Put it on your calendar as a standing appointment, because you as a parent are creating lifetime habits in your child.

But you knew that already, :).


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