The Why!!!

Made For You Learning is....

About creating #magicwithyourlittles

I define early childhood as birth to 6 years old. The range may seem wide but I hope you find that the defination is necessary as you get to know my work.

Your littles might be in your daycare, your home, or your classroom, whatever you call it. My promise to you and littles in your world is to create work that will :

–  Celebrate and Value who they are to be their whole being

– Create soultions to help address the quirks of early learning

– I will use research-based practices and materials, such as play-based modules to support the work you do with children (as a parent and/or teacher).

Happy Parents

“Renee is very patient, and she understands my daughter’s thought process.
I like how Renee uses her own strategies. I would recommend to any parents”


Parent of a Thrive Academy Scholar

“Renee is extremely knowledgeable, as evidenced by how easily she was able to
recognizethe potential problems my daughter was facing with her homework. I
realized that there are easy and manageable ways to get results with my daughter.”

Elizabeth B.

Parent of a 5-year-old student

“Thanking u always Renee! You’re  an amazing, amazing person and educator.
Dedicated to your work. There aren’t enough words to thank u for the effort in work w/E.”


Parent of a 4-year-old student