About Me

Renee Pena, Associate Educational Therapist

M.S. ED, NYS Certified Teacher001_DSC_2170

BA in Dance/Arts Education/Video from Bard College

MS in Early Childhood/General/Special Education from Mercy College, Top Honors

Pi Lambda Theta Alumni

I have had the pleasure of working in amazing institutions of learning, from El Museo Del Barrio to Discovery Programs. I am an NYS-certified teacher and an associated educational therapist. My background spans the arts, dance, and special education. My journey has made me feel strongly about our philosophy. I truly feel that: Your Child’s Struggle Should Be Only a Part of Their Story.

I wholeheartedly believe this because I was once your child. I was a bright student who was curious and talkative. Despite my good behavior and hard work, I struggled to keep my grades up. In later years, I discovered I was dyslexic. I share my journey often on the blog, which you can find here and here.

It pains me to see kids quit before they start, and I know it also breaks parents’ hearts. I hear it every day. Children are not alone in their journey to be their best selves. But it takes a village to help them get there. I strongly advocate not only for the child but also for the parents. Armed with the right tools and information, together we can guide your child to thrive in their truth.

“You are my best teacher because learn like me and enjoy it.” – 9-year-old student with ADHD

In short, I love mentoring kids and working with families. I want your child to thrive as a lifelong learner, and it starts where they are. I invite you to sign up for my mailing list to receive practical tools to help your quirky learner and connect with me anytime.

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Happy Parents

“Renee is very patient, and she understands my daughter’s thought process.
I like how Renee uses her own strategies. I would recommend to any parents”


Parent of a Thrive Academy Scholar

“Renee is extremely knowledgeable, as evidenced by how easily she was able to
recognizethe potential problems my daughter was facing with her homework. I
realized that there are easy and manageable ways to get results with my daughter.”

Elizabeth B.

Parent of a 5-year-old student

“Thanking u always Renee! You’re  an amazing, amazing person and educator.
Dedicated to your work. There aren’t enough words to thank u for the effort in work w/E.”


Parent of a 4-year-old student