Back to School: Getting back into the habit with Anchor Charts!

August 7, 2013

In today’s video, I discuss anchor charts and its importance to use at home as a visual tool and to help with reminders and transitions. This tool will help a child that has issues with executive function issues such as planning or memory’s issues. It will also help visual learners retain information.So full disclosure, I made this video in hope to make this post a two parter but really the subject doesn’t work for two parts. Who knew? See even experts make mistakes, :).

Here is a helpful tip before we jump into the video:

An anchor chart is a management tool used in the classrooms usually to help reenforce as well as gentle reminders of important chucks of information. Anchor charts uses acronyms that are brief, catchy, and memorable for a person to retain information.

Here is a wonderful example from Flickr:


As a special treat, here is a folder, I made just for you to download, print and use at home. Want to work one on one with me to get your child back into school with ease, check out the Brush-up workshops.

Love to hear from you, What visual tools to use at home to help easy learning frustrations and/or transitions?

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