Back to School: Learning Curves

August 1, 2013

I can’t believe that August is here! Where does the time go?

I interrupt our regular programing to warn you:

Back to School is almost here! For the month of August and September, I will be sharing tips to ease you and your families transition into the Fall.

A mom recently asked is it to early to start thinking of how to make my child school ready. Here are some tips to help you mind the curves of getting back to school:

Tip #1: Finish the summer strong! Soak in all the sun! Make a collage board of your favorite adventures from this summer. Catch fireflies. Make last-minute trips to beach! Enjoy the end of summer with your love ones.

Tip #2: Plan some buffer time. Getting ready for back to school takes time for everyone. So ease back into your routine by slowly getting back into the habit. Have an earlier bedtime for everyone by an hour one week. And then make lunch together before bed another week.

Tip #3: Make going back fun,you can start a back to school tradition through a show and tell show of your favorite summer experience.How a parent handles the overall transition from home to school helps children prepares mental for the change between the seasons. It is an important foundation in early childhood and stays with children all their lives as they get older.

Tip #4: Address any learning challenge’s from last school year. By taking the time to ease your child learning woe’s through the last few weeks of summer. By dusting off their thinking caps and review their academic skills with the help of myself, via my Brush Up!. The goal of the sessions are to help your child stay on top their game by revisiting skills as they restart a new school year.

Here’s to new beginnings,

Love to hear from you: Comment below and share your tips to ease back into school!



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