Back to School: How to use Sitter City to find the best fit sitter! (Checklist included)

August 19, 2013

Let me start with a disclosure that I am not promoting Sitter City nor another site that has sitters profiles on their sites.

As a former owner of a babysitting service, I know how time can be of the essence, especially with Back to School around the corner.

There a list of sitter companies that I love in NYC, (Lucky LiL’ Darlings and Smart Sitting) if you want to check out and use to book awesome sitters to save time. I highly recommend them as I have met their presidents/ceo’s in the past. Yet, sometimes they can’t find the right fit. So here is a back up just in case.

These tips are beyond the sign up and membership fee login and profile search (although see number #2 for tips) and find the best sitter to find your family:

Number #1. My number one rule is to: Go with your Gut. The person can seem perfect on paper, phone, and background check but if the back of your mind you aren’t sure. Don’t hire them!

Number #2. Be clear on the logics side of what your family needs are down to if you need them to help out with dinner and homework. If you are a bit, I am not sure about pay or times of day. You are less likely to find a perfect match. Get down to the last detail such as first time experience with a sitter for child number 3 so that you and the sitter are on the sitter page.

Number #3. Do background check’s anyway, it cost a bit more but it is worth it. Do references of at least 5-7. I know it sounds like a lot but it gives you more information to verify about the person in question. I even asked people for their best friends or close relative as a reference. It is true what they say we are like the closest 5 people we are surround ourselves with.

Number #4. Do not base the fit by the picture. Do based it on the vibe with the person’s profile and interview. I take funky pictures. Sometimes I look my age other times I look like a high school student. But after speaking to me and my experience, parent’s use to love to book me for my love of kids, my craziness on safety and over communicating.

Number #5: Pricing is such as fickle thing to haggle over. I advise do not go over your budget but do keep in mind of experience, region and any other special needs that you may require for a sitter.

For example: In New York City, a college student is $20-22 for one child for babysitting on an average. This does not include any outing for the child nor dinner for the child if you ask the sitter to order instead of making dinner. Some parent’s do provide tip but what is more appreciated is to pay for cab fare. I always advise that parent’s pay for a cab past 9pm on any given day for their sitter. Pay at least 1/2 if not the whole amount for your sitter as they are more concern about not about being tired but their safety.

Click here to download your checklist as you go through this process!

Love to hear from you: What awesome insight do you have in finding your perfect sitter?



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