Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conference

October 23, 2014

The first thing that comes to mind is that the first conference of the year is a give and take. Your teacher is looking to learn as much about your child from a home perspective as you are looking to learn about your child’s progress in school.

It takes a village to raise children because the parent-teacher relationship is a partnership.

You might have been burned in the past by bad teachers who didn’t understand your child. Or you might have had a wonderful experience in the past and are missing the positive experience you had last year. Or this year might be your first conference ever.

Whatever your situation, I put together a no-fail parent-teacher conference checklist for you so that you can be fully prepared for your VIM (Very Important Meeting).

Click here to access and print the “Parent-Teach Conference Checklist”

After your Parent-Teacher Conference, please comment below and let me know if the checklist was helpful.

Cheers and Happy Learning,

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