We are always looking to partner up with like-minded organizations and programs that are committed to the following values:

● The child is at the center of learning.
● To learn is to be fully in the moment through meaningful engagement, experience, and process.
● Learning is a collaborative process between the teacher and the students.
● Learning should be catered to the learner by starting where the student is.

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Happy Parents

“Renee is very patient, and she understands my daughter’s thought process.
I like how Renee uses her own strategies. I would recommend to any parents”


Parent of a Thrive Academy Scholar

“Renee is extremely knowledgeable, as evidenced by how easily she was able to
recognizethe potential problems my daughter was facing with her homework. I
realized that there are easy and manageable ways to get results with my daughter.”

Elizabeth B.

Parent of a 5-year-old student

“Thanking u always Renee! You’re  an amazing, amazing person and educator.
Dedicated to your work. There aren’t enough words to thank u for the effort in work w/E.”


Parent of a 4-year-old student