Calling all parents who have children that are "Daydreamers", "Smart but Scattered" and their friends!!!

Summer is a busy time for you as a family between vacations and day camps. You wonder how the heck do I squeeze in a summer reading list? Let alone worry about the summer slide especially when you have a child who thinks differently (ADHD/ADD, Dyslexic, Executive Function Disorder).

How does one support their out of the box child summer learning without another fight??


It is a two-week long program, created for your child and up to five of his/her friends. Together, we will solve a week long challenge through research, investigating, brainstorming, and creating solutions.

We will use your home as headquarters. There, we will dive into evidence and hypothesis of who, what, and how the mystery occurred. Some of the research may take us into further investigations to libraries or museums or even a nearby park….depending on the weather of course.

We will practice skills needed for academic success: critical thinking including but not exclusive of prediction, understanding text, teamwork, planning, organizing, and executing an idea.

By the end of the club, your child’s confidence will soar, and both their communicative skills, reading and writing will have improved, but most of all you child had fun learning this summer.

This program is best for children entering K to 3rd grade. I will not accept more than six kids per week in order to create a learning experience that will cater to everyone’s learning style.

Cost: $275.00 each child including materials and snack (families must provide lunches for children)

Minimum of two kids, there are no make-ups

If you decide to be the headquarters for the two weeks: hosting families get $75 each week and a special Customized summer learning boast pack.

Days: M-F Time: 9 am to 3pm

Travel: Manhattan, Bronx, Hoboken, Lower Westcher, Hamptons

Would like more information, book an appointment or email me at

Renee is an Associate Educational Therapist who has her Masters in Education and is a certificated NYS teacher. She has worked in a variety of school setting including a private progressive school. She believes that learning should be meaningful experience in play and loves working with kids who like her learning differently. Find out more about her by clicking here.

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